Ministry that is steeped in the ancient roots of Christianity, and not
just the current trends.  Ministry that comes from the heart, and not
just information from the head.  Ministry that is built on the solid
foundation of the Bible and enhanced by passionate personal
relationship with Jesus Christ.  Ministry that can change your life.

Such is the ministry of Pastor Gary Noble, who counts it an honor
and a privilege to serve Restoration Worship Center as Senior
Pastor.  Pastor Gary brings 25 years of leadership experience to the
table, and is dedicated to utilizing his experience and education to
bring people into an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Gary's insight into ancient biblical customs and traditions
brings a distinct flair to his teaching and preaching ministries, as does
his zeal for seeing the Word of God change people's daily lives.
Our Youth Pastor is passionate about using her education (an Associate Degree
in Early Childhood Education, and Bachelor Degrees in Youth Ministry and
Christian Education) as well as a hands-on ministry approach to introduce
students to the love of God and engage them in a lifestyle of grace, ready to
apply Scripture to every day situations.
Pastor Gary and Drema Noble
Pastor Amberly Noble